What we offer

Real Time Chat

Datos Skout allows patients to chat real time with medical practitioners / health care attendants whilst narrating their conditions to seek an appointment with a relevant medical expert. The chat functionality allows patients to describe their health conditions in detail to the chat attendant which is used by the attendant to identify appropriate medical expert and schedule an appointment for the patient. The patient’s identity (user ID) is auto generated through the course of chat session which could be used by patient for further communication with Datos Skout.

Appointment Management

All the appointments booked through real chat and over call are synced and synchronized over dashboards for respective users. The attendants can keep track of all the appointments scheduled by them through a single point login dashboard. The appointment management feature allows attendants to assign these appointments to relevant medical practitioners, send schedule to patients and practitioners through SMS, track the fulfillment of appointments, make changes if requested by patients or medical practitioners, etc. These are among the array of features available with appointment management functionality that keeps entire process synced and synchronized for all users.

Review Management

Datos Skout help patients to pick and chose their choice of medical practitioners by knowing what other people have to say about them. Datos Skout uses a unique review management functionality that pulls and accumulate reviews shared for medical practitioners on digital social channels on the Datos Skout platform itself. The review management functionality enables an auto generated rating management feature that could be viewed by medical practitioners associated with platform as well. This in turn enables a self-assessment and evolvement process for health establishments as well whilst allowing patients to opt for best in business health consultants for their needs.

Referral request

Datos Skout allows medical establishments to promote their services through referral request program wherein patients once satisfied by services availed by them are able to refer the services among their known ones. This functionality takes leverage from review management functionality as well to ensure that referrals are done for medical establishment who have favorable reviews. In parallel it ensures that health establishments are also on self-assessment and evolvement mode to take leverage of referral request programs.


The third aspect of robust communication functionality provided by Datos Skout is that of reminder scheduling. The reminder scheduling functionality allows attendants of health care establishment to send reminders to patients and practitioners to help them keep a track on scheduled appointments. These reminders can either be sent manually or could be set on an automated mode to be relayed as per the schedule put in place by the attendants.

Internal Team communication

Along with real time live chat for patients and health care attendants, Datos Skout also provides internal communication mechanism among different team members of a health establishment. This internal team communication functionality allows different team members to send messages among themselves, provide instructions and even assign ongoing real chat session with a patient to another user. This particular functionality paves way for an efficient and productive team collaboration that allows health establishments to serve their patients and manage their operations in best possible manner.

CRM dashboard

Each transaction, including appointments booking, financial transactions, attendants’ performance, patient history, health establishments performance all of them are accumulated and maintained on respective dashboards for all set of users including patients and attendants as well. The attendants can manage and review their chats, phone calls, reviews, accounts- payable & receivables along with collections from their CRM dashboard. The establishments could further keep a track record of all their attendants and review their performances on the parameters mentioned above. They also get to see comparative analytics to compare performances of all attendants, sources etc. to plan effectively for future. For the patients, they could keep a track of previous appointments, upcoming appointments, financial transactions – direct and through insurance providers. Along with it they could keep a track of their referral program as well.

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